Yikes! Are you done with:

  • Sinking heel deep into grass, between cobbler stones etc?
  • Brand new but scuffed Louboutins?
  • Uneasy balancing, just to save your high heels from damaging?
  • “Fixing” your high heels with nail polish every time you’ve worn them?

Heelos to the rescue!


With Heelos High Heelprotectors you no longer have to sink your precious stiletto heels in between cobbler stones, in the grass, on fire escape stairs etcetera.


Relax and walk with confidence, we’ve got you covered!

High heel protectors for your stiletto heels

Heelos | Maat M

Kleur: Transparant
Maat: M - voor hakken van 8-11 mm breed

Kleur: Transparant Maat: M - voor hakken van 8-11 mm breed Verzending: Binnen 2 werkdagen na ontvangst betaling

€ 6,95

Heelos | Maat S

Kleur: Transparant
Maat: S - voor hakken vanaf 6 tot 8 mm breed

€ 6,95

High Heel protectors

No more scuffed and damaged high heels!


Oh, happy day! You just bought some gorgeous new high heels and would just love to keep them that way. On your way to work, to shine on a wedding or just for a lovely garden party: Heelos are the solution to keep your heels in mint condition in the jungle of cobbler stones, escalators, grass patches etc. Stop sinking and ruining your heels!


Heelos High Heel Protectors fit snuggly around nearly every high heel or stiletto heel. Heelos are convenient, discrete and save you a lot of money! It is truly your high heels’ guardian angel!

Getting married?

Are you getting married or are you a wedding planner organizing a wedding? Heelos are a great gift for any bride’s high heels as well as their guest’s. Whether they are Jimmy Choo’s or Louboutins or any other gorgeous pair of high heels: Heelos will keep bridal heels in mint condition and have kept many brides happy and carefree during their big day, over the last 10 years!

Whether an inside wedding or an outside weeding, whether on grass, city’s cobbler stone or on jetties on their way to a bridal boat, no worries with Heelos!

Please feel free to contact us for volume discount for brides, bridesmaids, event planners and wedding planners.