How do I know which size Heelos I need?

Heelos are available in two sizes: 

size M, suitable for heels with a width of 8-11 mm wide

size S, suitable for heels with a width of 6-8 mm wide


Measure the bottom side of your high heel's cap, both length and width. If either the length or width is bigger than 8 mm, we advise to order size M.


How do Heelos work?

Carefully place the Heelos underneath your high heel, it's easy yet shouldn't be "too easy" or else they may be too big. The surface of the Heelos is bigger than your heel's surface which gives you more support in walking. This bigger surface will prevent you from sinking your precious heels into grass, between cobbler stones, drain covers etc. If you want you can easily slide them back off your heel once you've arrived.  

The size should be right but I can't get the Heelos on!

Yes, this happens sometimes! No worries, though! We're here to help.


You can give the following a go:
Try warming up (not heating it too much) with a blow dryer!


Sounds funny, right? We know, however the material will become a bit more moldable then. Gently slide them on once warmed up and they should fit just fine. 

Are you ready?